• The Black Sea

    by Richard Setlowe

    Ticknor and Fields, New York, 1991

    ISBN 0-395-56927-3     Buy This Book


    "RICHARD SETLOWE'S exciting The Black Sea may be the year's best action/adventure novel. Besides unusual plot and locale, it also has the quality that makes stories memorable: richness of style."

    — Ed Kelly, The Buffalo News     (read the complete review)


    "Wow! The Black Sea is a gem, cut and polished to perfection by a master craftsman. I wish I'd written it! This book made me a Richard Setlowe junkie."

    — Stephen Coonts, author of The Traitor


    "A basket is delivered by a rickshaw driver to the door of Singapore's elegant Raffles Hotel. The doorman receives the basket, inside of which is the severed head of a Russian naval officer. So begins Setlowe's high-action thriller with a post-glasnost twist."

    — Robert Seid, Booklist     (read the complete review)


    "What happens to the novel of adventure after le Carre and the death of the Cold War? Richard Setlowe's The Black Sea ushers in this new era with a masterfully told tale so real it could be true. Read it. You won't be able to put it down."

    — J.C. Pollock, author of Goering's List


    "Malayan terrorists seize and hide a Russian cruise ship and its cargo of rich Americans, among whom is the former secretary of state, in an ingenious thriller by the author of The Haunting of Suzanna Blackwell. Arms for hostages is the deal proposed…"

    Kirkus Reviews     (read the complete review)


    "Tense, topical and uncannily plausible. Rick Setlowe paints a fascinating picture of the real "new world order" of our future. Fast-paced, filled with great characters, The Black Sea not only thrills you–it makes you think"

    — Walter J. Boyne, author of Roaring Thunder



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