"This is a first novel that deserves to be read."

    — Edward Gibson, Library Journal


    "This bit of autobiographical fiction is a novel that rates with Crane's "Red Badge of Courage," to name a vintage classic; 'The Naked and the Dead' by Mailer, the best war novel to come out of World War II; and the non-fiction 'Strong Men Armed,' by Robert Leckie, the modern Boswell of the Marine Corps. 'The Brink' could be the classic novel of the Era of Undeclared Wars."

    — William Flynn, San Francisco Examiner


    "Brinkmanship is the subject of this "historical" thriller… Rick Setlowe seems to know his material well: his descriptions of pilots flying under extreme pressure make it almost too real, in this look backward at the uncommon terrors of power politics."

    Publishers Weekly    (read the complete review)


    "A supersonic air adventure which describes night patrols from a U.S. carrier off the Red Chinese mainland…This story is told via naval junior officer Charly Rohr, who survives disasters John Wayne never dreamed off. Every horror is penned with graphic detail and reveals the real human beings within the wire-tense pilots. On the brink, all the way."

    Kirkus Reviews    (read the complete review)


    "Setlowe's story, basically an anti-war novel, manages to squeeze a great deal of tension out of this brinkmanship, chiefly in his flying sequences, some of the most hair-raising I know of in military fiction. 'The Brink' is an eminently successful psychological-action drama, the most vivid novel about the Navy at work I can recall since 'The Caine Mutiny.'"

    — William Hogan, The San Francisco Chronicle     (read the complete review)


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