• The Haunting of Suzanna Blackwell

    by Richard Setlowe

    Holt Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1984

    ISBN 0-03-057786-1     Buy This Book


    "This is an excellent contemporary novel about such so-called common disturbances as the memory of war and the heartbreaking loss of a loved one, and such uncommon disturbances as the appearance of menacing specters from the great beyond. Setlowe is a smooth and persuasive raconteur who integrates all levels of his narrative with stunning skill. The clove-scented ghost who passes through locked doors will give even skeptical readers a chill up the spine."

    Publishers Weekly


    "…Like her mother before her, Suzanna yields to his clove-scented allure. "He wore a white formal officer's uniform, exactly as he had been dressed in the photographs over which her mother had wept, and he smiled at her as sweetly and shyly as a bridegroom …As if she were a magnet drawn irresistibly to its opposite pole, she moved into his arms, at first slowly and then in a rush. They embraced, then slowly danced. He was not a hallucination, not a dream." Not since "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" has there been a shade as appealing."

    — Carolyn Banks The Washington Post     (read the complete review)


    "…Caught between her lover in the present and a ghost lover from the past, Suzanna senses the other-worldly evil aboard the Santa Cruz—and knows that only she can stop it. A spellbinding thriller that is both a hypnotic love story and a supernatural tale of terror."

    The Literary Guild     (read the complete review)


    "This book is a gem of a spooky thriller. It's well laced, of course, with explicit sexual scenes, but equally well laced with a cleverly executed world of ghostly spirits. As one reads, the impossible story becomes believable, perhaps because of the inclusion of so many persons, places, and event during and after World War II, all correctly named and noted."

    — Alicia Dulac, Best Sellers Monthly


    "Setlowe manages to juxtapose these otherworldly visitors with his story of San Francisco and environs, TV, the modern Navy, Vietnam and a few X-rated sex scenes and somehow make it all come out convincingly—and scarily!"

    — Radd, Variety     (read the complete review)



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